Invoice-Based Rebates

This article discusses GM Invoice-Based Rebates - how they work, the options you have to display them on your Worksheet, the associated Options & Fees; as well as the ability to look up a vehicle's invoice directly from Desk.

An overview video discussion of Invoice-Based Rebates can be seen here:

Invoice-Based Rebates appear at the bottom of the Before-Tax Rebates Window:


It is important to understand the following fields for Invoice-Based Rebates:

  • Dealer Invoice - this should be the original amount that you paid GM for the vehicle. We have worked with our inventory providers in an effort to ensure that these values are pre-populated for you. If they are not populating, please contact our support team ( and we will do everything we can to set this up for you. Pre-populating this field is complicated, so we strongly advise that you confirm this value is correct. In an effort to assist you with confirming this value, we have provided a link within Desk to the original invoice, please see "Link to Original Invoice" discussed below.
  • Equipped MSRP - we factor this based on Memo Amount
  • Markup - this value calculates once you select the rebate you want to apply. You can adjust this value - however, please note that there is a ceiling to this value. 
  • Memo Amount - this is the value that we use to establish “Equipped MSRP” (as Memo Amount is 5% of the vehicle's Equipped MSRP). Again, this value should be populated from your inventory automatically.
  • Amount - this is the discount that will reduce the MSRP to be equivalent to (Dealer Invoice + Markup). If you do not want to use the value that is automatically populated here, you can manually change it.
  • Markup % - this is the maximum markup percentage as specified from the HOL.
  • Dealer Cost - this is the credit that is coming from the manufacturer as outlined in the HOL minus the $150 GM Program Fee. This value can be manually changed. 

Please note that if you do not have access to Gross Profit (or if you have it hidden), your Before-Tax Rebates window will look like this:mceclip1.png


Link to Original Invoice

To view the original invoice (this version will not include any price increases that may have occurred), click on the "GM Invoice" button (you must be logged in to MyGlobalConnect):


For a vehicle that is not in stock, you will need to have the VIN entered in order to see the GM Invoice button. 


An example using an Invoice-Based Rebate:

Upon selection of the Preferred Pricing Program, the Markup field gets populated (2% of Equipped MSRP), and the rebate cost (the difference between the amount credited to the customer and Dealer Cost: 1860.24 - 1456.14 = 404.10) updates the Dealer Gross as shown below. Remember, you have the option to proceed with the value of the rebate and dealer cost as they are, or you can edit these fields. 


If you do not want this itemized as a rebate, you can zero out the value in the Invoice-Based Rebates section and enter it in the Discount field:mceclip4.png

If you do not want to use the functionality of automatically calculating the invoice-based rebate amounts, contact Autovance Support and we will disable it for you. The Memo Amount will be 0.00, none of the values will auto-calculate within the Invoice-Based Rebates window, and you can treat the rebate however you want. 

Visibility of Invoice-Based Rebates in Full Disclosure and Worksheet

The Full Disclosure now has a section outlining the values associated with an invoice-based rebate:mceclip6.png

You have three options for how to display Before-Tax Rebates and Discounts on the Worksheet. For example, let's look at the options for a deal with $1860.24 Costco Member Exclusive rebate, $650 stackable cash, and a $500 discount applied. 

1) To only display the Costco rebate and Stackable cash as Before-Tax Rebates, set “Print Discount” = False.

mceclip3.png                  mceclip7.png     

2) To display the $500 discount separately from the Costco rebate and Stackable cash, set “Print Discount” = True, “Print Rebates as Discount” = False.

mceclip6.png                 mceclip10.png

3) To display all three on one line as Discount, set “Print Discount” = True, “Print Rebates as Discount” = True.

mceclip7.png                mceclip11.png

To default your dealership print settings: in the top right corner go to "My Account" and click on "Autovance Settings". Remember to click "Save Settings" in the top left corner once you have made your selections.

Options & Fees for Invoice-Based Rebates

Please note: we do not manage the selection and deselection of your Options & Fees for Invoice-Based Rebates. *You are required to remove any fees that are not permitted under these programs.

We have added a GM Program Fee of $150 that is available for selection.


We hope you find these changes useful and encourage you to continue to pass along feedback, as this is how we improve our products to meet the needs of our users.  Please reach out to with your comments and questions. 

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