How does inventory matching work?

Automatic Matching

In order to provide correct rates, residuals and rebates, etc. for inventory units, Autovance must be able to match a unit to a particular make, model and trim in our database.

We do this matching automatically when possible, using a combination of codes sent to us by the inventory provider:

1. Model Code - For some manufacturers this is the only code that is required

2. Package Code - Required for most manufacturers

3. APX Code (Also used for Engine Code when relevant) - Not required for most manufacturers


If all necessary codes have not been entered for the unit on the inventory provider side, we will not receive them and will not be able to match the unit to one of our trims. We will narrow it down as much as we can though, based on any codes we do receive.

*If you find that inventory is not matching automatically, please make sure that the codes are entered correctly into the inventory provider.


Manual Matching

If we are unable to match a trim automatically, you will receive a prompt asking you to "Desk as Used" or "Desk as New". If it's a New vehicle, press "Desk as New".


The vehicle selector will then open, and you will need to pick the correct Year, Make, Model and Trim. We will populate as many as we can for you based on the codes we receive.

Some manufacturers make window stickers publicly available, so for those manufacturers we provide a button to open the window sticker in a new tab which can help you quickly find information needed to select the right trim.


Based on the codes we receive, we will provide a list of "Suggested Trims" that are partial matches for the vehicle, making it easier to locate the correct trim.


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