Deal Save & Push to DMS

We've recently made a slight change to the flow of saving deals and pushing them to your DMS. We've done this to make it more clear which action is being taken.

Going forward you must explicitly "Push" deals to partners.

The steps for pushing a deal to a partner (DMS) are as follows:

1. Set the deal from "Quote" to "Sold"

2. Select a finance, lease or cash payment and press "Select and Save Deal"

3. Press "Push to DMS" below the deal status selector

Once a deal is set to "Sold", it will no longer automatically push or re-push to DMS when it is saved.

When a deal is saved, the Autovance icon will turn blue and the Autovance deal number will be displayed below it. If the deal has been pushed to a partner (DMS), the partner icon will turn blue and display the partner (DMS) deal number below it.

You will also notice in the image above that you now see the selected payment. You can use this to change the payment selected by the customer at any time if you want to re-push a different scenario.



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