Deal List

Opening the Deal List

The Deal List allows you to see your entire deal history in one place. To access it, simply press the Deals button in the top left of Desk next to the Autovance logo.

*Note: Opening the Deal List will reset the current deal in Desk, but you will be prompted to save it if there are unsaved changes.




By default, you will see all deals from the last 7 days, but you can easily change the parameters by clicking Edit Filters on the right side. You will then see a list of all the deals that match your parameters. 

*Note: The Salesperson and Sales Manager options appear to be unchecked by default though they are all included in the list. This is to allow you to select the ones you need to see instead of deselecting the ones you don't want to see. You will notice that once you select one, the others will not show in the list.





Deals are not grouped by default but can be grouped by latest update date, by deal status (quote/sold), by sales manager, by salesperson, or by vehicle type (new/used).





By default the deals will be sorted newest to oldest, but other options are available, including oldest to newest, by deal number, by deal status (quote/sold), and by vehicle type (new/used/certified used).






Deals can be filtered manually using the search bar. Currently you can search by Sales Manager, Salesperson, Customer, Stock Number and Deal Number. 

*Note: searching will only bring up deals from the last 3 months. 





To open a deal in Desk from the List, hover over the deal number then click the Open Deal button that appears.

*Note: if you would like to open the deal in a new tab without closing the Deal List, hold Ctrl while clicking on the Open Deal button.





The video below shows how you can see all deals for a specific day, grouped by Salesperson. It also shows how you can remove the grouping by selecting don't group.



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