Adding Autovance Desk to your Desktop

There are a number of reasons to make Desk it's own desktop app. Maybe you don't use Chrome as your default browser, or your bookmarks bar is already full. Perhaps you just don't like having to flip back and forth between multiple tabs when working on a deal. 

To make Autovance Desk more convenient to open and use, we recommend adding it to your desktop. From there, it will open as it's own app in a separate window. Here's how you do it:

  1. Begin by opening up a Chrome session.  
  2. In the address bar, copy and paste:
  3. In the top right corner of the window, click on the button that is three horizontal lines.
  4.  Hover mouse over "More tools" and click on "Add to desktop".
  5. Name it "Autovance Desk" and ensure "Open as window" is checked off.
  6. Click "Add"

Autovance Desk will now appear as an icon on your desktop.

It will automatically open in Chrome, regardless of your default web browser, and open in a separate window. 

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