Customer and Deal Information

This article is meant to show the basics of the Autovance Desk home screen. More detailed information on each portion will be linked in this article. 


Customer Information

By clicking anywhere in the area, you can add and edit your customer information. This information will print on the Worksheets and Full Disclosure. Adding this information and saving it with the deal will also allow you to search by customer name.


A Co-Buyer can also be added.

And their details can be easily copied from the first buyer.

If a business is making the vehicle purchase, that information can be added by clicking on the "Business" tab:


Dealership Information

This section shows basic dealership and personnel information. If you manage more than one dealership, you can switch between them by selecting them from the drop down list. 

You can also switch between sales managers and either select from a predetermined list of salespeople or type in the name. This information will populate on the print-outs as well. 


Program Period

Below the dealership information is this section which shows you the current Program Period, followed by the Notes & Activity section:



The Notes section allows users to leave internal messages and reminders on a deal. To leave a note, click on the section and enter your message at the bottom. 


Deal Status

The next section indicates the deal status, including a deal number if the deal has been saved.



Gross Profit

For most users, gross profit is hidden from view by default. To show gross profit, press Ctrl + G on your keyboard. To hide it, press Ctrl + G again. 



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