Payment Rollback

Payments can be rolled back a few different ways.

1. Standard Payment Rollback

Click on "Payment Rollback" in the upper right part of the screen.

Select the payment you wish to roll back.

Enter the amount you want to roll the payment back to and determine where to put the difference.

The selected payment should now reflect the rollback. NOTE: All other payments will be adjusted based on where the rollback difference was taken from. 

2. Dealer Gross Rollback

Dealer Gross can be shown by pressing Ctrl + G on your keyboard. It will appear in the bottom, right side of the screen, under "Dealership Information".

To roll back from Dealer Gross, click in the "Dealer Gross" field and enter in a new amount. Payments will automatically be adjusted to reflect the new gross.  

3. Total Cash/Cap Cost Rollback

To roll back from Total After Tax/Finance/Lease Cap Cost, click on the amount and enter in the New Amount where prompted.

Once again, you will need to determine where to roll the difference to. Click on either Discount or Trade-In Amount and the payments will automatically be adjusted to reflect the new amount.  

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