Vehicle and Deal Information

This article is meant to show the basics of the Autovance Desk home screen. More detailed information on each portion will be linked in this article. 

The first section is designed to enter in the vehicle and deal information. 

Cash: Displays amounts in terms of a cash deal - this is the default setting

Finance: Displays amounts in terms of a finance deal - "Total After Tax" becomes "Finance Cap Cost"

Lease: Displays amounts in terms of a lease deal - taxes are adjusted and "Total After Tax" becomes "Lease Cap Cost"

Vehicle Information



Sales amount can be manually adjusted on a deal by deal basis. If this value has been changed and you would like to change it back to its original value, simply delete the amount in the box (leaving it blank) and tab or click out of it. 

Discount can also be added on a deal by deal basis.

Before Tax Rebates

See: Selecting Rebates



If accessories are available for the specific vehicle - they will be able to be selected. Accessory price includes labor.

See: Working with Accessories

Options and Fees


Default options and fees are determined at dealer set-up.  Fees can be added and adjusted on a deal by deal basis. 

See: Options and Fees

Extended Warranty


If extended warranties are available for the specific vehicle - they will be able to be selected. Under the "Flags" tab, you can chose to apply them to Cash, Finance, or Lease, or any combination of the three. 

Trade-In Vehicle


See: Adding a Trade-In



Taxes are based on your dealer's home province. While they can be adjusted on a deal by deal basis - it is recommended that you try to avoid overwriting them if possible. 

After Tax Rebates

See: Selecting Rebates

Total After Tax/Finance Cap Cost/Lease Cap Cost

Clicking on this box will allow you to roll back this amount. The difference can be applied to either a Discount or Trade-In Amount. 

See: Payment Rollbacks


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  • 0
    Jamal Hijazi

    Jamal hIjazi Form Finch Hyundai here.

    We have had an issue with Velosters. No matter what veloster we attach it pulls up as a manual transmission. An example is Deal # 71070.


    Thank you.

  • 0
    Shaun Hagemeister

    Deal number 3501 I'm trying to add the stock number 3L000 and it's not showing in my inventory. It's a dealer transfer we did today and it's showing in my inventory in our DMS.  

  • 0
    Shaun Hagemeister

    Deal #3510 or #3511 We are trying to push the deal  to the DMS and it keeps giving us an error message. Not sure if this a function of Autovance or Quorum? 

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