Managing Finance Options

Finance Options

Default finance options are determined by the dealer during dealer set-up. These defaults will automatically show up when you open Desk and/or reset the deal. Should you wish to change these settings, please discuss with your Autovance support person.

Adjusting Finance Options

You can change these values on a deal by deal basis, depending on what your customer is looking for. mceclip1.png

Finance Lenders

Alternate Finance Lenders can be selected from this dropdown:


Finance Rates

Finance rates will default to the manufacturer incentivized rate. To change this, simply select from the options below the rate to change to the Bank Rate or to Override and enter the rate in. 

Payment Schedule

Click on this dropdown to change the finance payment frequency:

Finance Rate Reduction

If there is a Grad or Loyalty program associated with the Model and Trim, clicking on this dropdown will allow you to adjust the rates. This is not the same as a Grad or Loyalty dollar amount rebate. Selecting from this menu is for the rate reduction only.


Base Down Payment/Down Increment

These fields indicate where the down payment amount will start and how much it will go up by for the three payment options given. You can manually adjust these values by typing in the box.


This will change how the payments are presented.

As you can see, the down payments now start at $1,000 and go up by $1,000 each time.

Finance Terms

These fields indicate the three finance terms that will be displayed. You can manually adjust these values by typing in the boxes. Hitting "enter" or clicking outside the box will apply the new term and automatically update the payments.


Similar to the down payment fields, it will also change how the payments are presented:

Days to First Payment

Standard days to first payment is 30 days. This is also modifiable at the deal level, however interest will be compounded based on number of days per year. 


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    Max Careau

    how do we do future value financing options better knows as balloon payments?

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