Selecting Rebates

Selecting Rebates

Before and After-Tax rebates are found within the Deal Structure section (left side of the screen).

Adding Rebates

After selecting a vehicle, click on either rebate section to see the program rebates available. 

The rebate window will show you a variety options: 


1. Check box to add or remove a program rebate.

2. Rebate name

3. Rebate amount

This field is editable. Variable, ceiling and percentage rebates will be displayed in grey and the maximum value will be defaulted in. Amounts entered that are above ceiling will trigger a warning:


4. Rebate Options

  - Stackable (a stackable rebate is one that can be combined with subvented finance and/or lease rates)

  - Apply to Cash 

  - Apply to Finance

  - Apply to Lease

  - Apply to Gross

  - Dealer Cost (NOTE: This field is editable and any dealer participation amounts will be listed here) 

5. Add new rebate

If you wish to add your own rebate, you have a choice of a stackable or non-stackable rebate. Clicking on the plus sign for either choice will add a new row. Remember to ensure you check all of the applicable rebate options. 


Invoice-Based Rebates

For discussion on these types of rebates, see Invoice-Based Rebates. 




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