Options and Fees


This article is designed to show you how the Options and Fees selection can be utilized while building a deal from the Autovance Desk home screen.

Changing Options and Fees

The options and Fees section is where you can select and / or enter your Dealer specific options and fees.

Generally your standard dealer options and fees will be set up as defaults upon dealer activation. If you would like to modify your defaults please submit a request.


Some examples of items you’ll find in this section are A/C & Tire fees, AMVIC fees, Admin fees, and Nitro. This section can also have additional defaults set up, such as Lag, or optional equipment that is often included like Block Heaters, or upgraded paint that incurs a cost from the manufacturer, or Negative equity (carry forward value) on Lease returns. 

 You can also add additional Options and Fees by clicking the plus symbol in the top right corner:

Breakdown of information used in the Options and Fees tool, and how the effect the deal:

  • Fee Name: the name of your Option or Fee
  • Amount: the total amount of Option or Fee
  • GST: check this box if the Option or Fee is subject to GST (If your province has HST, the option will be labeled HST)
  • PST: check this box if the Option or Fee is subject to provincial PST
  • Due: if the purchase is being made on a lease, and the full value of the Option or Fee is due upon signing, select this box
  • Cash: select this box if the amount is to be calculated on a Cash deal
  • Finance: select this box if the amount is to be calculated on a Finance deal
  • Lease: select this box if the amount is to be calculated on a Lease deal
  • DISC: select this box if the Option or Fee should be reflected on the Worksheet and Full Disclosure printouts
  • Residual: this amount is added to the MSRP of the vehicle for residual calculation purposes 

Options and Fees Costs

Click on the Costs tab to open the costs window.

The cost field is editable and you may select the gross type from the drop down box. 

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    Sarah Wladyka

    Hi there,

    Our Sales Associate, Sue Neeley is unable to open her Options and Fees tab when she is preparing a quote.  She CAN open her accessories tab but when she double clicks on Options and Fees no window opens.  Can you please unlock this for her?

    Kind regards,

    Sarah Wladyka Assistant Sales Manager, Cobourg Mazda 905-372-1820 sarah@cobourgmazda.com

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    Barb Monette

    Can you please add Nitro & and Dealer Trade Fee under options & fees?

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